Monday, April 25, 2016

I May Have A Bit Of A Bag Problem

It's a sickness, but not a bad one.

Karyl made this one for our Knit Away this year.  I had the bottom fabric printed and she put the bags together and monogrammed them.  A lot of time and effort went into these which makes them extra special.

A favorite bag maker is The Silver Shed USA.  I follow her on instagram and she comes out with the cutest fabrics and now, I see she has a printer for fabric.

Whenever I spy a project bag with Snoopy on it, you know it is going to be a part of my collection.  I love the drawstring bag from Little Skein in the Big Wool.

And my new fave bag maker is Mrs. Browns Bags out of Canada.  You have to jump on her updates when they happen and yes, it takes a bit longer to get them from Canada, but I love her fabrics as well that she knits and then has printed.

This is another one of hers that I snagged on the last update.  Jodi of Mrs. Browns Bags is half of the sister team of the Grocery Girls podcast that I love love listening to.

I could not resist this sock monkey bag for my socks in progress.  My dear friend, Norma made us sock knitting bags several years ago, but since she passed away, I wanted to keep hers for my sock knitting tools and not get it all dogged up carrying it around.  I thought this bag is perfect for socks.  The little sock hanging from the ribbon did not come with the bag, but rather was a gift from someone at one of the events I went to.  I thought it had to be a part of my sock knitting bag.  This bag is from Stitched by Jessalu

And I may have enough project bags for now, but I do love them as much as I love a bright and shiny new tote bag.

I do love a good collection, don't you!

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