Saturday, April 02, 2016

Oh No, Not Another Sweater Post

The other morning on my way into work, I was listening to a new podcast that I stumbled upon.  I just loved the title, Knitting Boutique's Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast.  Isn't that a cool name?  It so much would be a title of a podcast, the Saturday Knit Wits could do, since some of us get together  and knit almost every Saturday around 10 am.  Back in the day, when the shop in Dunlap was open, we would meet there, then we moved to Thirty One Coffee downtown (which I liked, but more times than not, we were fighting to get a big table for all of us), and now I think we've found out new home at Panera's at Westlake.   There is a nice oval table that more than accommodates us, they have coffee (the absolute essential for me) and food, a really nice perk as well.

Sorry, I had a bit of squirrel moment, back to the podcast that I was listening to.  The shop, the Knitting Boutique had just sponsored a retreat and their guest was Amy Herzog.  During the podcast, they interviewed Amy and it got me to thinking once again about sweaters.  Amy and a few others inspire me to knit sweaters, but that is another post.   I've not been knitting any sweaters lately, rather waiting until I lose weight.  What a waste!  There are so many cool sweaters out there to be knit and seriously, I've got plenty of yarn for multiple sweaters in multiple yarns so why wait until someday to knit them!

At work, when I do training for our purchasing systems, I can occasionally get on my soapbox about staff learning the systems.  I believe that, yes, you should train for the job you have, but more importantly, I believe staff should learn the skills for the job they may some day have.  You know, so when that golden opportunity arises, they will be ready to test and interview for the job they always wanted.  Kind of like the Dress for Success mentality.

I know, I can hear someone somewhere saying, geesh, long post - get to the point.   I'm going to knit sweaters that fit me now.  Sweaters that look good on me now.  And should I lose the 20 pounds and my Spring sweaters not fit me next Spring, well you know what?!  I'll knit me some more in a new color or a new yarn.  Maybe, I'll donate the ones that don't fit, or hey, maybe I'll take them on the road with me as a traveling sweater show, who knows.

I'll just call it, training for the job I may someday have.

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