Friday, April 01, 2016

No Foolin It's Finally Finished Friday

Some of this post was slated for over a week ago, but it just didn't happen.  Partly, well you know, I was sick, and the other part, well, a couple of the items were not blocked yet and well, the others weren't done.  But, now we have a fairly nice assortment of Finally Finished Friday Projects this week.

The 3 Color Cashmere Cowl that is not out of Cashmere but Araucania Mana.  The yarn pools to look like velvet.  I like the finished project, but next time I would do it out of a yarn that would show off of the patterning in the mulberry spot and the lace section.

I had every intention of having this Hospice Prayer Blanket done for last week's ministry, but that didn't happen, but it is all ready to go for the next one.  The pattern is a simple one from Stephen West, his Garter Squishy Blanket.

And finally, the Big Girl Yellow Blanket.  Although not done in time, for Miss M to take back with her, but it is all ready to go for later this month when we head over there!  

There are several things on the needles for next week's Friday edition already. All of them just need a bit of knitting to complete.  Happy April Fools Day!

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