Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Mailman Cometh

So, I get this email from StevenBe last week. You know the one where they entice you with something fabulous.  You go to the website and end up buying some other things.  The tour book for last year and the first volume of the Ponchini were the add-ons.  StevenBe has this cool little video that first turned me onto the Ponchini How To Rock Your Ponchini .  Well, that may not be exactly how I first found out about the Ponchini.   Susan Rainey really first started the Ponchini thing for me with her pos  but, either way I've got yarn in the stash for it later this Summer or I can pick some up at his booth in Stitches Midwest in August.

My real purpose for ordering from StevenBe are these super cool color ways based on Willy Wonka.  They are so wild that I had to get them.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of my fave books back in my younger years.  As an adult, almost every afternoon of Christmas Eve, the original movie would be on t.v. and I would get a kick out of watching it every year before the festivities.

Every timeSucreSucre's has a post on Instagram of something new,  I find something I just gotta have.  This time, though, I asked her to make them right into stitch markers.  The ones on the left are cheeses, the ones on the right, top to bottom is a turquoise peep, a strawberry hoho with a bite out of it and a chocolate sprinkled donut.

I love a good mail day that brings goodies, don't you?!

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