Saturday, August 19, 2006

Catchin Up

No pics today again, but tomorrow! This weekend has got to be a weekend for me to catch up. I have lia sophia business I have to attend to. Laundry to get caught up.
Exchanges to make and lists to start.

And tomorrow, I am officially back on Weight Watchers. I have a group of us at work who are participating in a Losers are Winners Contest at Methodist and we want to show up our fellow co-workers who are also competing. Not to mention, I have booked my trip to Mexico for February and I AM going to be thin and toned for it. So, today and tomorrow I have to get a plan for meals. The last time I did a plan as to what I was going to eat rather than after I ate it, it seemed to work out well and I had a decent weight loss.

My chair that I knit in needs to be cleaned up too. It looks like a yarn explosion hit it and I need to get a plan for it. I have been knitting almost solidly on the Round the Bend Jacket and have yet to finish the first half. After a twist and turn in the almost final join, I finally had it back on track. But, when I got ready to do the final join, discovered that I had way too many stitches to do it. I need to rip it back just a bit and do more decreases than Meg did, since I think I must have added some length stitches in the front. I am going to have to dig the notes out on it and see where the problem is.

I have decided to give Round the Bend one more weekend (this one) and then I need to put it aside! I have two projects that HAVE to be done before October 12th (when the new baby is due to arrive) and I need to work on them. Since my mom is having surgery this Thursday, both of them will be nice to take a long and good to work on after she recovers when I will no doubt (even though I am going to try and not be up there all of the time) need something to keep me sane! I need to get that bag ready (knitting not my mom).

And I NEED to finish a project that I had bought the yarn for out at Dunlap. I am on a Yarn Shop Diet (Dunlap) until I finsh at least one project that I bought yarn for from them. I'd like to get that finished in the next couple of weeks

Good news, I bought my first Christmas presents today online!

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