Friday, August 25, 2006

I Took 3 Projects

To knit on while my mom had surgery. Do you think I went overboard a little? Of course. But, I did make progress on the sock I am knitting on. Half way through the surgery, I went out and unloaded two of them and paired the bag down to one.

Surgery went well. I stayed late last night, because it seems the hospital is a little short on staff and I became the gopher and gentle reminder to the staff that she needed her medications.

She should be in about three days and after that, we will have to just punt!

Half of Round the Bend Jacket is waiting to be finished next to my chair. I had to put it down until I get the baby ensemble that has to be done and sent in less than eight weeks! I am at the last turn(after ripping it out). I'll get back to it when time allows or when I get tired of knitting on these little needles.

More to follow.

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