Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Weekend Is Full

I walking in a parade this morning, campaigning for Ernie Russell for Senate.

Then a Pedicure at noon. Hopefully, there will be time for shopping in between and after. I'm on the hunt for the elusive perfect brown sandals to wear the rest of the summer. And a birthday present for a friend. She has the cutest patio with a Tiki Bar they have set up and I want to get her something in the theme for her birthday. I hope all the cool stuff is still out there!

Then home, for cleaning and laundry and stuff.

Willie has a Job! Not necessarily the one he has longed for, but one that brings benefits and some experience with Security. Now, of course he starts on Monday at 7 am and there are shirts to be washed and pants to be hemmed. But first he has to get his work boots. And of course, he is off at a wedding in Chicago and won't be back until Sunday!

In the meantime, I have to dust off the sewing machine and serger and shove the stuff off around it so I can be ready to the hemming.

Tomorrow, more progress on the Round the Bend Jacket. I am definitely ready for a break from this.

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