Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Workin On The Shoulder Join

And have not a clue as to what Meg is tellin me. I look at the video. I pause. I look at it again. I read the instructions. I set it down and let it veg overnight, hoping the knitting fairy came along and finished it for me. She didn't.

I work at it again. I am going on blind faith at the moment. I sit it down just as I am knitting it, not to be disturbed. I took a shower. Now, I am going to let it sit til I come home tonight. Then, I'll pick it up and continue. And see if what is suppose to happen is. If not, I'll rip it out.

It will not be pretty if I have to! No pics today, it just isn't worth it. I think this is what she means about driving you around the bend. I 'm close, very close!

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