Monday, May 28, 2007

Good Bag Buy

Years ago I bought this bag from QVC. For the longest time I could not figure out why, but several times I have been quite pleased. Its a great bag to take when you want to toss it on the floor of a stadium or take out on a boat. And you can stuff alot of stuff in it.

Yesterday, my son and I went down to St Louis for a game. Of course, I had the car packed with knitting for this little jaunt. (One never wants to go unprepared) Hearing that our seats were under cover, I of course had to pack a special project in case it rained. And it did. So, while everyone else sat around doing nothing, I hauled out my knitting and knit through the rain delay and into the 7th inning. I was quite pleased with myself for being so prepared AND for once again buying this bag.

While in the car to and from St Louis, I finished the Spiral Rebula from Alpaca with a Twist. When I laid it out at home, I just stared at it. How could I not have noticed that it look so funky while knitting? Then, I got the pattern out. That is how it is supposed to look. Thank God! It is not as long as I was anticpating due to my row gauge, but otherwise I think it will be okay.

Now, with some blocking, it will be ready to wear come next Fall. Another finished project -- and it is for me, as it should be!

Tomorrow, Babies and Bears Update. I am lovin the colors!

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