Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's Good To Knit With Friends

Karen and I are both knitting on the Adult Babies and Bears Sweater. We both bought the yarn last Thursday when the Radicals did a road trip to Dunlap. We both bought, in different colors, Ironstone's Color Changes. We both casted on when we got to our respective homes last week. This is one skein.

Since Karen and I are both knitting on the same sweater pattern, it is nice to have someone to talk over the colors and how/where we are knitting them in the jacket. I was not a hundred percent sold on what I was doing, and was almost sure that Karen being the smart woman she is, had written how many rows of colors that the shop used for their sample. I was not disappointed. This is something I normally would have done, but do not know why I did not this time.

I was afraid that if I continued as I was knitting with the colors, that the sweater would look more preppy than I really wanted it to. I just envisioned it turning out to look like a college letter sweater.

So, I ripped back to the beginning of the purl rows and am taking Karen's list and with just a couple of modifications, I am using the main color every so often in between. I think I am going to like it.

I'll let you know for sure later. I really like knitting on this jacket. I am seriously thinking on making another using my Russian Prime yarn. Wouldn't this be cool in my black and powder blue yarns?

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