Friday, May 04, 2007

How To Work The WIPS

How does one decide on how to work a WIP when you have at least 35 on the needles? Do I start start with number one on the long list in my knitting journal? Do I scan the list and see if any are needed for gifts? Do I start with the ones that are out of cotton so I can still wear them this Summer? Do I start with the ones for Meg's Camp? Do I pull a sack down from the dry sink and start with what is on top?

Or, do I pull out one that I said has to be finished before I go back to Knit 4 Together? Of course, I go for the one that has to be done before going back to the yarn shop. Oh, all right, I do have a couple of others that need to be finished before I can go back. There is the sock yarn and another shawl! So, I guess it will be a few more weeks before I can go back. I did make a promise with myself.

I guess that is how I will work my WIPS for the meantime.

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Nancy said... really isn't very long before Camp...