Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now This Is Interesting

Or rather timely. Just as I was contemplating the WIPS that were surrounding my chair. And while I decided to knit on a summer cardigan that I started last year to go with a tank that I completed two years ago. (And may I add -that I have been knitting like crazy on this past weekend)

Just five minutes ago, I opened the Windy City Knitting Guild Newsletter and read our President's message. Talk about seeing the light. Evidently, last month Nina attended an event where the presenter discussed UFOs. It is a fantastic message that Nina wrote, but basically said....knit what you want to not what you think you should. Knit with the best you can afford not with that free stuff or nearly free stuff someone gave just because it was.

Life is short....knit and be happy. Hmmm, food for thought. And as Nancy commented, Knit Camp is not all that far away.

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