Saturday, September 08, 2007


Char, Linda and I made a pact at Knit Camp 2. No new yarn purchases for a year! We are all having a tough time holding to this. We also said we would eat sensibly, I am having a tough time with that. But, in today's paper it is possible that my Losers are Winners Team could win more than $3000 in January, so I have to at least try for the team!

And today is a new day. Hopefully, I'll get a call from Dell and we can get my computer issues resolved. It's been a week now. I think it is time for a tech to come out and take care of it. Did I say that yesterday?

Today, I am at Baby Boy A's computer, so no pics.

Back to the willpower thing, so I was so close to yarn shopping today, when I ran across a blog that had knitted the Cobblestone Pullover out of Cascade. So, today, I am going to the stash to see what might be lurking there in either Galway or Cascade.

I think I can make it....healthy eating, exercising and staying true to the pact! We can do it!

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