Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Bob and I both took the day off and went over to Bloomington Normal area. Me to check out two of the three yarn shops, him to check out a place that might have guns. We had lunch, no big deal at Arby's.

The first stop was Mary Lynn's. I had directions via MapQuest. We must have drove around the area three or four times before we found the building. Bob was so patient. Mary Lynn's is located on the fourth floor of an office building. I, vaguely rememberd that when we found the number on the side of the building. We found a parking place on a side street (has a couple of antique shops that look interesting if you are into antiques, I'm not), but Bob actually came in with me and sat at the knitting table while I looked around.

I held tight on my deal. I bought the two sock books below and a ball of Encore to go with my ongoing new Babies and Bears Sweater. Oh, and I bought a Hanukkah present, but you can't see it, you'll have to wait.

Then onto, Ewe Knit in Normal. It was easier to find and I only came away with yet another skein of yarn for the Babies and Bears Sweater. Almost the exact color as the Encore I bought, but it is Cascade and I liked it a little better.

Finished off the day with grocery shopping and we were home before it would have been time to get off from work! It was a beautiful day for being off!

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