Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sundays Are For Charity Knitting

A friend of mine has been approached for laprobes, 100 of them by Christmas, for a local hospice organization. If you are looking for a community project, would you consider making one? Laprobe requirements more than 30" wide by 25" long using a machine washable and dryable yarn. Pattern and color is your choice. (Good time to use those leftovers and try out a couple of new pattern stitches)

She is also looking for baby things for a community baby shower in West Virginia. These items will be distributed by a mission organization called Passionate Volunteers to new and expectant mothers in a coal mining county in West Virginia. Machine wash and dryability is important for this project as well. Items will be distributed in July. (Baby yarn, I got Baby yarn)

If you have some leftover yarns and want to whip any of these up and just happen to be in the Central IL area, please contact

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