Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just A Few Things

I have been very good lately. I went to two yarn shops yesterday and managed to come home with a couple of patterns, needles and some really cool buttons for the two green sweaters that I am working on.

I love these buttons!

I did not find the button I need for the pink Rachel's sweater from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets.

Oh and two skeins of alpaca/angora that are going to make their way into double mittens.

I discovered this past week when it was 30 below that gloves just don't do it. I find myself going down the road with my hands bunched up in the hand part of the glove to keep them warm.

And yes, I have a green thing going right now. Caribe Blue is still my favorite, but so much of what I see right now is green green green.

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