Friday, January 02, 2009

On the 9th Day of Vacation

I spent New Year's afternoon with my knitting friends. What a great afternoon it was.

Presents taken, presents received, knitting, good food and great friends.

Norma got her Hanukkah socks, kind of like the yearly coconut.

This yarn was Trekking bought on the Indy trip last October. I have her birthday yarn already and I think next year's Hanukkah socks as well. Maybe, I'll get a headstart on them? They could be my lunchtime knitting projects. Since Norma isn't there, she won't know what they look like!

Carol gifted me with two skeins of yarn. I see a scarf out of them.

Maybe the Diagonal Scarf, maybe the ribbed scarf with another color or two tossed in. I'll be thinking on that one. This could be my next car knitting project.

Char brought her new grandson to be's blanket. It is shown here unblocked, but it is so beautiful even just finished. 1800 stitches in the end? What a labor of love! Simply amazing.

Once it is blocked, I'll get a picture of the finished product with the knitter for the blog.

What a great New Year's Day it was. Isn't it said somewhere that how you spend New Year's Day is how you will spend the year? Or did I invent that one? Either way, it was a great day that must mean it will be a great year!

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