Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I Did Like About Vogue

There were a couple of things that made the magazine worth looking at. First was the yarn shop in Des Moines Iowa. Not that I am close to it, but on occasion every couple of years I find myself going over that way in route to something else. It might be worth a look see next time. Knitted Together is the name of the shop. And the owner was a former editor of a couple of magazines. Sounds like it is kind of a cheers sort of yarn shop.

The other thing I liked about Vogue was the Jared Flood article. I probably won't make the gloves that are in the magazine, but I really do like the things that Jared designs. I have made his Cobblestone sweater for me. It is really labeled as a men's sweater, but I really like the tunic type for me.

I checked out his photography website. It is so have got to check it out. I want to be a photographer like him when I grow up!

After you have checked out his photography page, go over to his knitting blog and check his knitting out.
Linda and I are anxiously awaiting his big blue sweater pattern. I wonder if it is what the Vogue article is hinting at.

So, I guess even though I was a little harsh on the Vogue magazine this time, if I had not gotten it in the mail, I might have missed these two great pieces from it. I guess it does not have to be all about a good knitting pattern in a magazine, does it?

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Linda said...

I think this issue might have finally convinced me to let my sub expire. I liked the two things you did - and nothing else had *any* appeal at all.