Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finally With A Little Help

from my knitting pals Linda and Nancy and some dumb luck, I am up and running and typing this from my comfy chair on my new laptop. It was quite the experience that we finally got it rolling right before dinner tonight!

And I did it, without knowing much. I sure wish I did know more about this whole tech thing.

I keep reaching to the side to grab my mouse, instead of this thing at the bottom of the keyboard. This is going to be a little tough using it, but I'll get the hang of it soon with a little practice.

It sure was nice to sit and watch t.v. and check out some blogs at the same time. A little later, I got to catch up on Grey's Anatomy while sitting in the same chair. This is the life!

And my login features a little puppy. It's been quite the ordeal,but I am in love with this thing. I thought the keyboard would be hard to get used to, but so far it is not so bad either. It is that practice thing.

Don't you just love the Spring Green color? And yes, Nancy it is now time to think about searching for a cool pattern for a laptop cover to knit!

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