Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Are Back

We had a great time. Jan and Jack took us to all kinds of places and we did alot of shopping. In the next couple of days I'll show you some of the finds and tell the blog all about it.

We ate ourselves silly and I enjoyed several different beers to add to my beer tastings. We spent time with Jan's Quilting Bee and salvated that nearly all of them have either great rooms or studios to pursue their art.

We saw the Pecan Plantation where they live and all of the great things their community has to offer, including golf, pools, an airstrip, tennis courts and more deer in one place than one could ever see. One evening on our way home I counted 16 all in one spot.

We went to the Comedy Club in Ft Worth and had a hoot of a time. Our friend Jack was called out of the audience to participate on the stage.

All I can say is this is a great place to retire! But, for me tomorrow it is back to work. Only for two days though, because I am taking Friday off to judge PASG knitting entries.

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