Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Only

did we have a great time shopping in Texas, but I accomplished alot of knitting.

While on the plane and in the car, I got to knit quite a bit too. I am so pleased with what I managed to knit.

The Wrapper from Cheryl's book had it's back finished and one of the fronts as well. Prior to Texas this one was just what I worked on at lunch at work. Now, it is so big it will have to stay at home.

The Wabi Sabi panels are done and now I am finally able to start knitting with the other color.

I still think I might have to find one more skein of this yarn as I don't think I will have enough to complete this one. I'll start with calling the Yarn Shop in Iowa where I bought the yarn last February.

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Nancy said...

Great progress!

I really enjoy Fort Worth, too...and OKC....