Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm Frustrated!

I got the new laptop yesterday....whatever happened to opening it, setting it up and voila it works! Right now, it's a great solitaire player!

We can't seem to get the wireless to work. We bought an access point and I can get to the network, but cannot get from the network to the internet either hooked up or wireless. Some problem with the IP that keeps switchin to 169.254 no matter how many times we correct it.

Now is when I need a really good computer tech in the house. Sort of like when the kids were babies and I wished for a Pediatrician in the family. Now, we have a Pediatrician in the family and need a computer tech!


Linda said...

The 169.254 is a default from the lovely folks at Microsoft. Most home networks use DHCP. You should be running WPA2 encryption, and if you have your SSID hidden you'll need to feed that info to the computer.

Nancy said...

I had a similar problem when I got my had to do with my having only one account and the computers were fighting --- the desktop wanted to remain wired and the wireless said that the wired didn't exist. The wired desktop had to have its modem unplugged so that the modem no longer could argue. Then it took almost no time at all to set up the wireless with my provider's techies.