Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When In Texas

Our fellow radical since moving to Texas has become quite the quilter. She has almost a whole great room upstairs devoted to it among other things.

I used to be a quilter 15 years ago. Then, life took over and I did not have as much time to devote to it. And knitting became my passion. But, when in Rome one must do as the Romans do.
Given that and the fact that the yarn shops are okay in Texas, but far and few between. So we shopped at a couple of quilt shops where I could not resist this little pack of baby fabrics already cut into squares. There was a cute little quilt made out of them in Granbury and I just could not resist them.

We were introduced to jelly rolls at Friday's Bee and I almost bought one on Monday, but put it back. If I decide to quilt it is going be on a real a slow basis. And the fact that I still have quilting fabrics from my stint in the quilt shop 15 years ago.

One of the things I could not resist and I don't know why, but was this pair of serrated scissors. They seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now, I am wondering why?

Last but not least, I found two pairs of sandals that felt good right from the first try on. It would have been three if they would have had them in brown.

Shoes are like pants. If I find a pair that fits well and looks good, I have to buy them in every color available! Heck, yarn is like that too, isn't it?

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