Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ir's True

My mother always said I didn't know when to keep my mouth shut. More than once, since I have gotten my Harmony needles, have I said that I didn't need another set of needles. I pooed the Addi Clicks as being too expensive and not enough cords available etc. I even looked very quickly at them a few weeks back and decided they were not for me.

Then, last week at the shop, I was reminded that almost a year ago, I told them to order me a set. Signt unseen. Before my Harmony needles. I was riding the wave and loved my regular Addis.

So since I had told them to order, I really had to buy them.
You know what? I like them. Since I put my Harmony needles in a small version of the worm bag, I pulled out my Harmony needle holder and am using it for my new Addi Clicks. These I carry in my knitting bag almost all the time. They are just right for carrying.

Yes, they were pricey. Yes, at this time there is not any extra cords or tips. And I like them and will use them. I like my Harmony needles more, but still am not sorry, well maybe my wallet is.

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