Monday, September 07, 2009

Saturday Shoppin

Sue and I went over to Bloomington/Normal on Saturday for a little yarn shoppin. Normally, we would go to our favorite local haunt in Dunlap but they were closed for the holiday weekend.

We hit several shops, Ewe Knit in Normal, Mary Lynn's and Village Stitches in Bloomington. I did pretty good until Village Stitches. I met Jennifer, the owner through Ravelry. I knew going over there that I wanted to get the yarns for the Tulip Baby Sweater which I'll show you sometime later when I get more of it it knit.

I, also, picked up a light denim Cascade 220 for another of the Pure and Simple Sweaters. Originally, it was going to be a hoodie, but I realized after I got home that I already have a hoodie of sort out of a light denim. One of the neat things about Jennifer is how she took a couple of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns and created several different looking sweaters from them.

Another something that caught both Sue and my eye was a Christmas Stocking done from an unusal color. Sue got it for the purple, I got the yarn for my DIL who is into purple as well. Since, I had to make due with a little baggie for her stocking last year, I decided to get a jump on one for her this year.

Unconventional colors yes, but I think she'll like it. I do!

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