Monday, September 21, 2009

New Floors

The guy started laying my new floor this morning. I'll show pictures later this week as it progresses. He estimates that it will take him all week to do the living room, dining room and hallway. Then, will probably have to come back next week to do the kitchen.

Already, I'm tired of being displaced. If you could see Baby Boy B's room, the yarn room and the living room! At the moment, sitting space with a t.v is at a premium. Which means I can be comfy and knit or I can be uncomfy and watch Dancing with the Stars. I hope he makes more progress for tomorrow night. Either that or I need to get control of my little t.v. back for the yarn room.

By the way, the he is not the Tall Guy but rather the flooring company. I thought there would be two of them. Instead there is just one and the Tall Guy is having to help him move furniture. No wonder it is going to take more than a week!

Tomorrow night, I am meeting with a real estate agent to see about getting Mom's house on the market soon. The auction house wasn't able to pick up the stuff from her garage this morning. She is going to try for Thursday or the following Thursday. I'll be glad when that piece is done as well!

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Nancy said...

Speaking from experience, the house will never have seemed so wonderful as when you can get it into order.