Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes It Helps

to talk to a fellow knitter.

They can help you focus, and make you realize that the reason you are not finishing anything is that you are flittin from one project to another rather than concentrating on one. When I concentrate on just one project, I actually finish things.

Linda reminded me of that on Saturday when we talked. She, innocently or maybe not innocently, told me how I was producing a lot of jackets last Spring and early Summer. Since camp, I have been casting on here and there and completing not much of anything.

As much as I want to be working on some new sweaters that I bought yarn for at Stitches and before Stitches, I really need to finish Seedling from Knitted Jackets.
I got to knit (when not sleeping) all the way up to Aurora and back today. Seed stitch takes a lot of knitting! What I did notice, today in the car before it started to rain is this jacket in Ironstone Color Changes is going to be great with blue jeans as well as other pants. Love it!

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