Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Couple of Cool Things

I finally took advantage of the other purpose of my Harmony needles from Knit Picks. I'm using the cords and the end tips to hold my stitches for the back.

I used them to hold the front stitches as well. Then, when the instructions says to knit them onto the new needle, I pop the end cap off on one side, attach my harmony needle and knit them onto the new needle. No slipping the stitches from a thread. No flopping around of a spare circular needle while I am knitting on the sweater.

My other find tonight was Friday Night Lights (the t.v. series not the movie) on net flix. I am starting with the 1st season and can watch them instantly on my laptop from my chair while I knit!

It's perfect when there is a night when there isn't anything on t.v. to knit by.

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