Friday, October 09, 2009

Holiday Vogue Knitting

It's that time. New knitting magazines should be coming out. This week it is Vogue. Now, at first glance, there is not much in the Holiday issue that I am going to spend time knitting on. But, since the Cardinals don't play until tomorrow, I've got the Twins game muted and I am actually reading my Vogue Knitting.

And there happens to be some good info in it to read and some interesting sites to look at. For example, there are a couple of new gadgets out there that might be interesting to check out.

Wouldn't this make a neat Christmas gift from Knowknits? A necklace with stitch markers.

A blurp on the page of Vogue Knitting reminds me that years ago, I got from Threadbear Fiberarts, a kit of Koigu yarns to make the Charlottes Web Shawl. It is now 10 years old (the pattern) and mine is still somehere waiting to be finished.

There are some great ads as well in this issue. Right across from Meg's hat is an ad from Namaste for the bag that both Linda and I own. Only this one is in red. It would be a perfect color for you Char!One of the websites that I have not looked at for sometime is The new issue of Vogue Knitting sent me there to see what is new. I really enjoyed this site when it first came out. What a wonder it was and still is. So much knitting! Now, with the laptop, I can sit and watch t.v. and peruse the online magazine from my comfy chair and cuppa.

Also, in this issue, is a short little article of a gal who is doing a knit along through one of Nicky Epstein's book. She sounds a little like someone I know who is knitting her way through Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jacket book! Insane.

Last but not least, an ad for Cascade Yarns Venezia has a pattern that you can download for free that is out of Venezia Worsted. Some may or not remember, I bought red last June for a Knit to Fit class. The Venezia could not make up it's mind what it wanted to be so it is vegging right now. But, now taking a look at the website, I think it might be thinking of what it wants to be?!

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