Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Clean Up

No pictures. Just words.

How can the sky be so blue one day and predicting 2-3 inches of rain the next? Bummer. And today was suppose to be the final cookout of the season at work.

On Seedling, I am finally to the bands and then I will be done. The tough part is going to be fine buttons for it. I did quick look at Dunlap last week and did not find anything right off the bat that would look good on it.

Already, I am trying to figure out what the next project will be. I have several to choose from and just not sure which way to go. I, generally, like to have something to work on at Dunlap that I bought from them when I go out on Saturday. But, I have a couple of Stitches Midwest projects that are calling me as well as the Box Top Jacket from Meg's Camp this Summer that needs to be finished as well. Especially, since it appears that sweater weather is definitely here.

Thats the cool thing about the temps we are starting to have. I can finally wear my sweaters AND I am.

Okay, and officially, again, I am back on the Weight Watchers Train. We started walking again yesterday at lunch AND I started tracking what I eat. I find writing things down sometimes is the only way to keep me honest.

I have an addiction. Well, two Food and Yarn. It could be worse.

And I really need to clean up the yarn room this weekend. I can't find anything in there. I want to put my books in some order. I, usually, have them categorized by theme, socks, Meg, Cheryl etc. But now when I go to find something like Elsebeth's book I am not sure where it is hiding. Is it by Meg, since it is sort of Nordic like or somewhere else.

Clean up on Sunday in the yarn room is in order, unless of course the Cardinals are playing (still).

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