Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cardinal Kiss Up Day

Yesterday at work, the Cub fans had to pay the piper....after our contest last year, they had to wear the Cardinal Shirts all day and buy was a fun day for us....granted some of them had meetings off site and had to dress appropriately for it, but when back at it they were supposed to put their Cardinal shirts back on.

A couple stretched it, but still we had a good day....In just a few more days the contest starts over again, and we are hoping for a similar outcome this year.

For this next season, we have even more who want to get in on the act after seeing how much fun we had with it.

Susan, here, has her Cardinal with a noose wrapped around it's neck. It was cute, but not as cute as my garb a year ago when I had to wear the other team's shirt....with "not a fan, just lost a bet on the back"

Let the season begin, we're ready for them!

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