Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Started Gloomy

Rain and chilly. I spent the morning at my mom's house going through some stuff that is still there. Oy. We still have a bit to get rid of before we close on the house on the 9th of April. I did not realize still how much cleaning stuff and plastic bags that were still left in the house.

Just a bit more furniture to divest ourselves of. Hopefully, my nephew will get his things early this week. Then the plan will be to make a call to some charities to see if they need the last few pieces of furniture.

I am working to having it all cleaned out by next weekend, so we can say we are done by the start of that week.

It was funny when, some of the pieces went out of the door yesterday and today. The organ, my niece took...I remember when Dad bought it as a surprise for my mom one Christmas. He was on the road when it was delivered and I was at the house with her when they delivered it. It was so nice to see it go to someone who will have some fun with it!

Then, today, a friend took a chest that my Dad used. I could not remember a time when he didn't use it, so it probably dates back to when they were first married.

There were just little things. A scrap of fabric, a blanket that Baby Boy B always covered up with when he was at Grandma's house (it is so threadbare, but the minute it came in the house last night, he snatched it up for his bedroom), lids to pots that were around since I was tall enough to see the stove, and a stupid old board that we got to use when were sick to eat in bed with and then later do homework off of from the couch. Stupid little memories.

And the sun is shining now...

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