Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Night

It was pointed out last night that I wasn't wearing anything that I knitted and that was unusual. My response was I really don't have that much for Spring/Summer that I have knitted that I could wear.

I spend most of my knitting time, knitting on Fall/Winter Sweaters which I wear as much as possible. And yes, I have loads of wool yarn for sweaters. But when I look at my Spring/Summer yarns, I really don't have much for outer sweaters to knit.

I have several potential yarns for tanks, but what I really need and would enjoy wearing more is over sweaters.

This little sweater is yarn from last year, Soleil. Originally, it was suppose to have a strand of shiny Bellagio mixed with it. But, when I tried many swatches this year and last, it was just too darn heavy together.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a sort of epiphany with it....why not knit it by itself and deal with the Bellagio separate. Shazam, as Gomer would say! I actually like it.

I took a pattern that I knitted last winter and love, and am creating a spring short sleeve cardigan out of the Soleil. I could say I am designing it as I go....but really, I am just creating something workable from someone else.

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