Saturday, March 06, 2010

Straight From The Workshop

From my trusty Knitting Workshop book and following along on the DVD...last Monday, while I was taking my mental health day or recovery from camp day, as I call it, I popped in EZ to keep me company.

While at camp last weekend, I learned how to knit two colors with my left hand.

So to keep it fresh in my mind and hand, I decided to knit the two color hat from the workshop. I knitted one sometime ago, but using my right hand. This one went much smoother and I like it.

It is going to Knit 4 Together today to put on the Giving Tree for next winter.

This time, while watching the DVD, I made better note as to how to do the decreases at the top and the blocking over a coffee can.

At the end of this lesson, EZ pull out some more hats....I have to admit they are calling me for using up some one skeins of yarn that I have. Actually, the whole book is calling me as well as a sweater that I have not completed in needs the color work ripped out and knitted with the two in left hand method.

Maybe later!

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