Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Think I'm Done

wearin my winter sweaters. I wore one yesterday for the last time. I'm sad cause I like my winter sweaters, but not sad to see the crisp temps go away. At least for today the sun is shining for a bit and it's going to be mid 50's today before the rain starts in...but next week looks really good and it might be time to get the pedicure appointments made.

For a bit now, I'll be working on some Spring Sweaters. Last week during the sale at Knit 4, I was a smart woman. I bought just one skein of this yarn. It goes really well with the yarn below, but before I go full tilt and buy lots of it, I want to noodle on it for awhile.

I've loved this since last year. So, not one to pass up a deal, I had to buy enough for a sweater. I am not sure which sweater yet, but I know it will be a top down from Pure and Simple.

Those Pure and Simple patterns are my favs for now. I really like the way they fit when I am done.

For now, I'll knit a bit on Spring before the realization sets in that Knit Camp is just around the corner and I need to be working on my project for the contest!

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Nancy said...

I bought this yarn -- the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale -- (1 skein) at Gourmet Yarn in OKC with Linda a couple weeks ago and knit a discloth so far. It is a bit splitty, as cotton is, but I really like the yarn.