Sunday, May 30, 2010

Almost Perfect Sunday

aka Drinkin, Swatchin, Sweatin. Baseball and Indy
RoseKimKnits turned me onto these cups so while in Peoria I had to buy me one! So I'm doin some drinkin....water at the moment.

Swatchin on my sweater that I bought yarns for yesterday. Have changed my mind on the original intent for the yarn, after to talkin to my pal Debbie...who just so happened did me a huge, and I do mean huge favor today....mor swatchin on this later.

And seems the air condition went on the blink while I was in Peoria today, so now we got the big fan going and I'll muddle through until Tuesday when I'll see if they can come out on Wednesday to fix. Thank goodness, it isn't super hot, but hot enough today.

Oh, and watchin the Cardinals play and taping the Indy 500 so I'll have something to watch tonight....don't tell me who wins, I want to be surprised!

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