Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Things

When bad things happen (not the really bad things, but things like broken laptop monitors), sometimes there are good things that come of it.

I have tossed a couple of thoughts around. A different one from Staples for immediate use. Getting a bigger and better Dell one and waiting. An iPad as suggested by friend Jo. Having mine fixed either locally or sending into Dell. I am just plain torn, so I think I might investigate Christiane's thought of taking it to a guy in Peoria who works wonders with computers. Of course the Tall Guy thinks I have made toast of my current laptop and I should buy the HP for instance gratification.

The good thing is without a laptop on my lap, I am not constantly on it. Since I have to get up and actually go to the regular computer....I am getting some knitting done and some reading.

So it is a good thing for now?

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