Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shopping As Therapy

One week later, things are somwhat getting back to normal. Work is busy, busy, busy. While away, I did knit quite a bit on a couple of scarves for the December party. Anything more than that, just didn't appeal. Now, it is time to kick it back in gear and knit towards finishing some things.

I missed shopping and knitting at the shopping in the last week....but, while checking in on some blogs I regularly read I discovered that Schoolhouse Press had added a couple of items to their website to order.

Sure, I could have waited until Knit Camp, but somehow, I made it a whole day before the bag jumped in my cart and begged to be ordered. It comes in purple or know which I chose.

And although, I have this pattern in several different forms, how could I not buy it?!

I hope they ship quick!

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