Monday, April 21, 2014

Knitting vs New House

My knitting chair area has gotten a bit out of hand.  Well, frankly, so has this whole house as very little is being done here, while we are concentrating on painting the new house.  There is a little bit of everything here in the knitting piles and I am really trying to stamp down the inclination to go off in other knitting directions.

The Sol Degrade top is slow going, but it is the perfect project to pick up when I need a bit of mindless knitting or when I need to just knit a few stitches to calm the many directions my mind and body wants to go.

One of the projects that I want for the new house is an afghan for the yarn room.  I originally bought the yarn for the block afghan.  I have gotten really close lately to casting on for it, but for some reason, I  just was not sold on this yarn wanting to be the block afghan.

 I see it with some big cables and so I have spent many hours scouring Ravelry for a pattern.  Nothing came up, but I did see a $900 throw that was just what I wanted.  When I could not find the pattern, I decided to design my own.  Here is the start of it.  Don't look for any big success on it anytime soon, but at least for now, I have in my mind and on paper what it is going to look like.

I am back knitting on my Stora Dimun Shawl. The plan is to have it done in time for camp in July.  This has more than 400 stitches in a row right now so knitting across a row takes a bit of time.  Thankfully, the rows should be quicker as I get out of the lace pattern.

I am loving seeing the new house evolve, but I gotta tell you it is cutting into my knitting time and knit groups.  But, in the end it will be all worth it!

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