Sunday, April 27, 2014

Very Sparse Posts

I am afraid my posts will be very sparse the next few weeks.  Almost all of our free time this last week since we have closed on the new house has been spent taping, trimming and painting, oh and finding just a few surprises.  Today's surprise was this under a wall of cork board that we took off.  Now, normally, I like green, but this was a bit too green for me.  But, we had a solution and the Tall Guy's room is now painted.  We were a bit surprise that this room took us all day.

The other room that took us almost two days last week was the master bedroom.  You see, I had the bright idea that I would like an accent wall of brown with the other walls being a beige.  It is hard getting those straight lines, but, I think we finally have something that is near straight as it is going to be.

We are going to tackle the kitchen tomorrow night which I am thinking will probably take about three or more nights, since there is wall paper to take down.  We are no where near the move in date as there are so many things yet to be done, carpets to clean, cabinets to clean, well, just lots.

In the meantime, I am managing to get some knitting done, after I kick back at night and early in the morning.  I am really concentrating on my Lang Sweater right now, as I would like to wear it at least a couple of times before it gets really hot.  I am finally at the split and working my way up that back.

My Stora Dimun hasn't seen much knitting time since last weekend, I've just not been able to focus on it, but I really would like to get it past the lace so I could pick it up when my brain doesn't need to work too hard.  I really want to be able to take it to camp to wear, so I better make a plan for some knitting time on it real soon.

And finally, there is my swatch for Hitofude.  That darn Susan Rainey has knit another one of these in a variation, which totally makes me want to be working on mine.

So many things are starting to collide, but despite all that is going on, we certainly are looking forward to our new house and our new quiet little neighborhood which is so different from where we have spent the last 30 some years.

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