Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spotty Knitting

When I finally decided which direction my knitting should go, I brought out my Stora Dimun Shawl out of Unspun Icelandic.  I knitted a crossed the first lace row and discovered that I had dropped a stitch back a few rows.  I tried my best to fix it, but decided it would be best to just rip back.

For those who have worked with Unspun Icelandic, you will know how very careful you must be with it.  I only had one break in the yarn as I ripped back about four rows.

 I am back on the point with my stitch count and the first couple of the lace rows were a success.  I am trying to knit a few rows every night.  It's a long way across 400 some stitches, and it is such a delight to get across them all and see that I have the right number of stitches to complete the lace pattern.

My front porch is starting to fill up with some boxes that are going to be stored for the moment until we decide where everything is going to end up in the new house.

My knitting may be a bit spotty as after we close tomorrow, I'll be spending some time at the new house.  I'm am so giddy at those words "new house"!  

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