Sunday, April 06, 2014


I've been Binge Watching Boardwalk Empire since Thursday night.  Who would of thought that I would become so engrossed in a show that I'd be staying up late and watching it every chance I would get.  Thank goodness, the Watchathon is over tomorrow, I think my brain is becoming fried over the show.

On the good side, I have finished my Double Refraction Shawl out of Madelinetosh.

I've been working on this at the shop on Thursday nights for a couple of weeks, but during the last four days, I've been trying to get it done.  It's been my Watchathon project.

It needs blocking.  So, I have added it to the stack of other finished objects that need blocking.

Unfortunately, I am not quite sure when that will all happen.  There may only be time for actual knitting in the weeks to come.  I best not think to hard about that right now or it could send one into a tailspin.

For now, I think I'll go find my next project - something Spring!

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