Sunday, May 24, 2015

Did You Miss Me?

It has been one of those weeks!  On several avenues, it has been a week of sadness and reflection.  Last Sunday, it was  the 9th anniversary of my mother's passing. My mother always said I would miss her when she was gone, and she was quite right.  She would so love seeing her great granddaughter and what has become of her grandsons that she loved and doted on dearly.  On Monday, a friend's mother passed away very unexpectedly.  Tuesday,  I spent an evening helping some friends do some sorting… it was a bit emotional for all of us.  On Wednesday, I stayed home from work, calling in sick,  because it had been an intense week and my body just needed to be home to rejuvenate.  Thursday, I was back at work trying to fit about three days into one.  Friday, we took off for Iowa to help Baby Boy A and family move into their new house.

We had a hoot of a time with this little cutie.  And while there, we learned that not only is she going to be a big sister, but a big cousin as well.

 NOT Baby Boy B, but my daughter-in-law's sister is also expecting and on November 10th…the birth of the Marine Corps and well, you know me.  Any baby that is close to me that is expected to be born on my birthday are special babies and will require something hand knit.  In a few short weeks, we should be hearing what both babies' sex are, which means the baby knitting will commence.

This weekend, when there was down time, I am knitting on my Shetland Shawl.  It was a pretty no brainer for me and finally, I have started the decreases.  I am hoping that it is done in time for Knit Camp which is less than seven weeks away!

And I have made a vow to myself that in the next seven weeks that I will lose at least seven pounds.  That should be quite doable don't you think?  So, today, I am making a healthy grocery list for grocery shopping tomorrow.  I don't cook, (the Tall Guy does all the cooking), but it may be time for me to ramp up my lunch making repertoire.

We've had some weird weather today, rain, sun, wind and now tornado watch.  Oy.  Whatever you are doing this Memorial Day Weekend, I hope you are enjoying it as we have!


nancy said...

Seven weeks is most definitely motivation. See my circs knitting the midnight oil. Oh, you didn't see the updated camper list? ;)

Penny said...

No, I did not!! Are you coming????