Friday, May 08, 2015

Let's Be Honest

I need some quick Spring/Summer knit ideas.  I need some sweaters that I can wear to work.  And did I mention they have to be quick?!

In just a little over two months, Linda and I will be heading to knit camp.  And so, when it is not so hot and humid in the house or when I am somewhere with air condition, I'll be knitting on my Camp Show and Tell.  

The Faroese Shawl is almost done.  I finished off the top earlier this morning.  And now, I just need to put the provisional cast on onto a needle and do EZ's sewn bind off.  But, it is just too darn warm in the house to fiddle with it today, so it has been put back in the bag for a cooler day, sometime next week.

Then, there is a new grand baby coming the first part of October and as soon as I hear what the sex is, you know I'll be knitting like a fiendish grandma.  He or she will need a stocking for sure and the parents have requested I put Miss M's long name on her stocking instead of the shortened version.  I never have been one for altering after the fact, I'd much prefer to start anew.  And of course, the new baby is going to need at least one or two baby blankets.

And before you know it, it will be time for this year's edition of PJKNITS Summer of Shawls.  Summer of Shawls is where I am knitting on shawls, you know for me.  Shawls and shawlettes are perfect all Summer long, they are not just for Fall and Winter.  I'm always cold, and in the air condition of where ever I am, it is nice to have a not so scratchy shawl to throw on.  But, thats later.

Oy, so now you know why I need some ideas for some quick and easy sweaters for Summer.  I'm toying around with several and really trying hard to use stash yarn, but my lys keeps calling my name with a couple of new yarns they have in.

Have you been thinking about what sweater you want to knit first?  Is it for you?  Or would you rather start with a simple baby or toddler sweater?  Tomorrow, I'll share some of my faves with you and then we'll start talking yarn.

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nancy said...

That green one, middle top in drawing, knit in caribe blue would be fun and wearable three seasons.