Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring, This Woman is Knitting

Every time I turned around today, it was doing this.  The Tall Guy and I were both off today to recover from the moving this past weekend, and we kind of would have like a sunnier day today.  But the upside, is that I got to spend the day knitting.  Considering what Texas is going through, I find myself being ok with some rain.

I seem to be working a bit on my Shetland Shawl right now.  It is at the no brainer stage right now, just decreasing the center square for right now with a couple of rows of eyelets pairing up on the outside edge.  I am really liking Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift for this.  It is pretty soft for a shetland wool, and I can see using it for a Faroese Shawl as well.

The sun came out a bit today long enough for me to get a picture of my Custom Fit Cardigan, Inlet by Amy Herzog.  Your eyes do not deceive, the top half of the back is a bit lighter despite the fact that I did alternate skeins every two rows.  I am leaving it for now, as I motor on with the fronts and sleeves.  IF, I have enough left over of what I have, I will go back and rip this back and use the darker of the colors.  I'm a bit concerned that I may not have enough to complete, but for now, I am blindly knitting on.

It is back to work tomorrow after having five days off.  On the good side, there is only three work days left to this week and then the weekend will be here.  I can handle that!

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