Saturday, October 03, 2015

A Look I Am Seeing A Lot Of

It is funny, not ha ha funny, but funny how styles seem to come back every so often.  That would be why you should never give your knits away, you just never know when a few years later, they will be hot again.

Something I am really lovin is this year's take on a wrap/shawl/poncho.  The photos below are all ready-to-wear but I am thinking with some searching on Ravelry or in my file cabinet, there might just be a pattern out there for these styles.

 What I really like about these styles that you seriously could wear them right now.

 And how perfect would they be to keep you warm inside, but this Winter if you have any car trips planned and you just want something for in the car.

Or if you are doing some Holiday shopping in an enclosed Mall and you want to dash from the car into the Mall without hauling around your big ole Winter coat.

There are so many possibilities on making ready-to-wear on your own, just by tweaking the color or the patterns below found on Ravelry to make these styles your own for Fall!

A Fringed Shawl


And the ever popular and my fave from Churchmouse Yarns, the many variations of the easy poncho

Let Fall knitting begin (if you haven't already started)!

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