Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's On The Needles

This week I seem to be a bit obsessed with the pattern and yarn I bought on Saturday.  I would have been much further along, but I changed up the needle size and added more stitches to my Vacillate.  Normally, I have to go down from the recommended size because I knit so loose.

This time I decided to go with the size on the pattern, and when I measured it on Sunday, it was about 6 inches too short in width.  I ripped it back, went up a size needle and after checking it out on Ravelry, decided to add more repeats to the pattern.

I am impressed with the designer, Cindy Garland (Wild Prairie Knits) and the presentation of the pattern.  The pattern is printed on a nice card stock paper  and is both charted and written out.  The chart is hilited in yellow for the contrast color which makes it really easy to see when the changes come along.   Her explanations and key throughout the pattern are spot on and very helpful (as long as you read them).   She included  a code so the pattern can be downloaded to my Ravelry Library.  The only problem is with the sticker that was placed over it, I think I lost one of the numbers when I peeled the sticker off.  Not a major problem, but eh.

I am using Leading Men Fiber Arts Fingering Yarn for it and I am anxious to see how the Evil Queen Gradients look as they progress through the shawl.  I don't normally choose either the pink or the purples so much in yarns, so this is definitely taking me out of the box on this one.

I could see myself knitting this one again down the road, maybe in just a step up from a fingering weight yarn.  Oy, already planning a new one before the first one is done!

See you on the purl side!

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