Saturday, January 09, 2016

My Favorite Sweater Designers

I am pretty certain that I am not alone in the department of favorite sweater designers.  You know those designers that you just look at first because:

A.  You like their style
B. You like the way they do patterns
C.  You can easily see yourself in their patterns
D.  They are most like those sweaters you have in your closet already
E.  Every one else is knitting them and you need to join on the band wagon!

For 2016, these are my go to sweater designers and the ones that I'll probably knit the most of, and my rationale for why I like them.

Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits - I just like the way she shapes sweaters
Heidi Kirrmaier - She makes me think while knitting
Thea Colman - I just love her sweaters and hey, they are named after alcoholic drinks
Knitting Pure and Simple - Top Down Sweaters
Amy Herzog - She wants to make me look good in my sweaters
Anne Hanson - Even though she knits in pieces, I love her sweaters
Kim Hargreaves  - Oh so stylish!
Norah Gaughan - Again with the styles
Cheryl Oberle - Knitted Jackets, what can I say, I love the book and I love every sweater in it!  And well, Cheryl is a peach of a lady too.
EZ/Meg Swansen - both of these ladies are the reason I am the knitter I am today.  There is not much I can say about them!

What are your favorite sweater designers?


Andi G said...

You listed many of my favorites! I really also like Amy Christoffers.

Kristen Rettig said...

I'm so with you on all of your choices, but I would add Sarah Hatton and Martin Storey. Aren't we lucky to have so many fantastic knitwear designers?