Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It is back to work tomorrow and I am sitting here in my chair watching the birds flit around on the porch, knitting and watching old episodes of The West Wing.  The birds were hoping for sunshine as well, but as it turns out, it is a gray day.

But, I am not letting that determine my mood.  Oddly enough, I'm kind of sort of ready to go back to work.  I know if I had too many more days off right now, I'd gain another 5 lbs and where would that put me.  Having these past 11 days off, gives me a sense of what retirement might be like, and before that happens, I need to make some changes, oh you know, like not eating everything in sight and despite my foot that is still acting up (I'm making a dr appt next week for a follow up for it and another issue), getting a few steps in on the treadmill.

Sundays, as you know,  around pjknits is a new week and since it really is the first one of the new year, I'm ready to begin it full force.

 I hopped on the scale and am down almost three pounds from last week and that is really a great sign that what I have started is a good thing.  I'm logging all of my meals, good or bad, on the free app My Fitness Pal.  The sugary Mystic Chai Tea is gone and for me that was a biggie.  What can I say, I love the stuff and had at least a cup a day and I may be going through a bit of withdrawal, but I still have my coffee so at least I am not totally biting everybody's head off come tomorrow.  I am planning my lunches for next week at work so that I can eat something besides an apple and peanut butter.  This go around, I am  reading the  tools that My Fitness Pal sends in emails and on the app.  I actually am going to incorporate some of them into my week.  You know sometimes there is something that is just bashert, and today's was one on low impact exercise.  How timely is that with a foot that is behaving badly?

Next up, I have put into my calendar a pop up to tell me to shut off both the t.v and the computer.  I read somewhere last Fall that doing both of these things aids in being able to get to sleep quicker.  What I am going to do in that last hour is to move to my spare room to sit and either knit on a bit of lace or read for the last hour before going to bed.  Yep, the plan is to get to bed by 11 and see if I can at least get six hoursish of good sleep.  It might be hard the first couple of nights because lets face it, I've had the luxury of the last week and half of staying up really late (into the morning) and sleeping past 6 most days and easing into the whole shower/get dressed thing.

Ok, well that is enough of that stuff, as the week goes on, I will blog about some other changes I hope to make in 2016, for now, what's on the needles this week?

I am making a lot of progress on my Quicksilver.  I really have been totally concentrating on it whenever possible.  I am really anxious to be done with it.  I love it, but I am feeling like it is time to move on to something else.

Once, I get Quicksilver done, I'll be working on Mona Lisa's blanket for later this month.  This will be a time cruncher, but like I have blogged before, it will be a great knit for Knit Nights.  The yarn is Cascade Pacific, a great yarn for kids and blankets, although, it seems like the one I knit for Poppy is a bit fuzzier than the others I have knit.

My take to work project is out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca.  The pattern is Chic Knits,  Basic Chic Hoodie.                        
This was started as a KAL over on the Chic Knits Ravelry page, last Fall, but with all the baby knitting and Christmas knitting, I just could not make this one happen.  It is a simple little hoodie that I have made before, but this time I am totally copying the idea from Bonne Marie and leaving the hood off and adding some really cool red buttons.

It is going to be so fun!  I am taking this to work with me because I am bound and determined to take back my lunch hours at work and do some knitting.

And finally on the needles, is my 10-11 project.  I am on the lace section of Labrouste and doing those pesky nupps on the way back. (Hey, this is my first experience with them so I can call them pesky at this point)  I am hoping this does not have an adverse reaction to my thought of calming the body down at night and send me in the other direction :)

That's it for the Sunday installment, have a great week, catch you on the purl side real soon.  Thanks for listening!

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