Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Spring Sweaters - Part Deux

 I have a file that I put patterns that I might want to knit  for certain seasons.  It's a wish list of sorts and I am pulling a couple out for this year that I am really wanting to cast on.

I have yarn for this one from Madelinetosh.  The pattern by Laura Aylor is Sea Salt. I wanted to knit it the minute I saw the whole picture on this pattern and the color way in the yarn.  The walking on the beach in a sweater with denim and in a color way that spoke to me of the ocean!

At Stitches Midwest last year, I bought this Revive yarn.  I did not have a specific garment in mind for it, but loved the color and knew that not only could I wear it for Spring, but it would be good for Summer into Fall.

I found the perfect pattern for this yarn in my file.  I'm a fan of Heidi Kirrmaier, it would seem, as will become evident this season - this one is Fine Sand and will be perfect in my Revive yarn above.

And yet another one from the file for Spring.

Out of the now discontinued Linsey yarn from Berroco.  I may be short just one skein for this sweater, but I know from a friend's sweater, this one tends to grow a bit, so I don't think I'll mind that I may be one skein short for this sweater.

A new pattern is making its way into the pattern file this year for Spring.
Sunshine Coast, a Heidi Kirrmaier pattern.

I am looking at Pima Cotton for this one, but if I decide to use it, I may be playing a bit of yarn chicken with it, as I "might" be short by about 120 yards, not sure I want to chance that.  I may have to go "shopping" to find the adequate yardage for it.  

 I'm excited to start some Spring sweaters, especially with temps in the low 40-50's these days of April and slight chance of snow.  How about you, what are you wearing/knitting for this transitional season?

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